Paddy... The white boxer dog

Paddy was an 11 year old white boxer dog. As is with all boxer dogs, he loved to play, be it chasing balls, digging holes in the sand, swimming in the sea, river or just hovering in eager anticipation, play was all important. Long walks were always in demand as well  preferably at the seaside.

As he was getting on in years, he knew when to stop playing and have a rest to recover. That was until Tuesday 30th September 2014.

Having his usual evening walk, he decided that the beach was inviting and accordingly eased me in that direction.

Finding large stones to pounce on, he then, as usual, started to dig a hole around them. Boredom setting in, he would come to me, beckoning me to locate morer for him. Three times we did this, then while digging to bury his stone, he suffered a massive heart attack and died instantly.

Anyone who has lost a pet will know just how I felt at that moment. I lay with him on the beach while my wife went to get the vet. People walked past, just looking then from behind I could hear a voice shouting “excuse me, are you alright”  It was a woman whom I later found to be named Tina. Although she could see Paddy had gone, she stayed with me, giving comfort. For this I will always be grateful.  

The vets arrival only confirmed what we already knew, but that confirmation just drove the heartache deeper. Tina gave up her long cardigan to wrap Paddy in while the Vet carried him to her car.

We got Paddy to the vets practice where a private room was found to lay him in, giving us time grieve and say our goodbyes.